Edward Shalala
Edward Shalala Statement

statement about the Architecture of Painting series

The Architecture of Painting work is an exploration into the structure of painting. The compositions examine the painting as object, seeking to break it down into its most fundamental elements. The compositions are about the architecture of the painting itself: stretcher bars, canvas weight, natural canvas color, and the tactility of the canvas threads. The paintings contain all of the necessary elements in and of themselves. Through careful cutting, pulling and manipulation of these elements a painting space is created. No paint need be applied.

statement about thread photo documentation

I work outdoors and use several different weights of raw canvas thread to make work that is randomly placed by myself or by the wind by flying a kite.

The work itself is temporary.

I document it with a 35mm film camera and then make a black and white gelatin silver print for my record. I began the early stages of this work in 1975 in Madison, Wisconsin, then on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and have continued in all of the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, New York State, Connecticut and Cleveland, Ohio.